Frequently asked questions

What is the name and contact details of Enero Group share registry?
Share registrar: Link Market Services Limited
Address: Locked Bag A14
  Sydney South NSW 1235
Phone: 1300 554 474 (within Australia)
  +61 2 8280 7111 (outside Australia)
Fax: +61 2 9287 0303

How do I change my address on the Share Register?

You can change your address by either, contacting the share registry or, you can go our share registry website and follow the links to the address change options.

CHESS holders should notify their sponsoring broker (in writing) of their change of address details. The share registry will then receive this change electronically.

How do I change my direct credit details?

You can change your direct credit details by contacting the share registry, or directly from the share registry website. This form must be signed by all registered shareholders.

Do I have to quote my Tax File Number or my Australian Business Number?

It is not an offence to withhold your Tax File Number (TFN) or, where the securities are held for a business purpose, your Australian Business Number (ABN). However, if you do not provide your TFN or ABN, tax may be deducted from payments of interest and the unfranked portion of dividends and distributions at the highest marginal rate.

You can notify the share registry by mail or fax of your TFN or ABN or you can quote your TFN or ABN over the phone if you give sufficient identification of your holding.

If I have more than one Enero Group shareholding can I consolidate them?


If you have a CHESS holding and an Issuer Sponsored Holding, you should contact your sponsoring broker for advice.

If the names and addresses on more than one shareholding are the same and the holdings are issuer sponsored, the share registry can consolidate them. The share registry provides a Consolidation of Shareholdings Form for this purpose. The form must be signed by all registered holders.

How often does Enero Group report its results and when does this happen?

Enero Group's financial year ends on 30 June and results are reported in August. The interim result for the six months to 31 December is reported in February.

How do I buy and sell Enero Group shares?

If you buy or sell shares on market, you need to contact a licensed stockbroker to arrange the trade. Alternatively, you can use an online broking service.

Can I transfer my shares to another person?

You can transfer your shares to another person by making an off-market transfer by contacting the share registry who will advise you of the forms required. Alternatively, you may contact a stockbroker to arrange for your shares to be sold through the Australian Stock Exchange.

Am I an Issuer Sponsored Holder or a CHESS (broker) Sponsored Holder?

Holder Identification Numbers (HINs) identify CHESS Sponsored holdings (also referred to as Broker Sponsored holdings). Some HINs start with the letter ‘X’ while others have no alphabetic prefix, e.g. X00054321, 00054321.

Securityholder Reference Numbers (SRNs) identify Issuer Sponsored holdings and begin with the letter 'I', e.g. I00054321.

Your HIN or SRN appears on your original holding statement as well as subsequent statements and payment (dividend or distribution) advices. If you are unable to locate these documents, please call the share registry.

Important note: your SRNs and/or HINs identify you as the owner of your securities and should be stored securely.

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